Vicious cycle

Vicious cycle

How to get kids to pick up toys:

  1. Threaten to throw out toys.
  2. Throw out toys.
  3. Re-buy toys.
  4. Repeat.

Lego supermanI have a big trash bag ready at all times and when they refuse to pick up, in the bag their toys go. And they used to cry and complain, but the truth is I can’t bring myself to throw it out. Mainly because I know it would really make them sad and that I’d probably have to pay to have it replaced. So, I put it in the garage and fake throw it  out.

Problem is that in 20 minutes, they don’t even miss it. They have so many toys that they move on to the next one and then, when I finally filter it back into the house, it’s like a new toy for them. In a way, they almost get rewarded for not picking up.

I wish I was stronger.

— Jamie Kaler

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