Justin Moore is Our Dad of the Month for February

Justin Moore
Image by Giles Villalobos.

Being a great dad is hard, but Justin Moore is doing his best!

Justin Moore is a county music singer and songwriter, Arkansas Razorbacks fan, but more importantly – a DAD!

He recently sat down with Seth Johnson of the NUVO Cultural Foundation, ahead of his co-headlining appearance at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse, to discuss balancing his career, upbringing, and music influences. But the main takeaway is that between all the crazy travel that being a country music star brings, he still finds pockets of time to spend with his three daughters and coach them in softball and basketball.

“I don’t want my choice to do this for a living to negatively affect them or take me away from the dad role at all, anymore than it does with my travels. So me coaching them is just another way of me being like their friends’ dads.” – Justin Moore

Anyone that’s coached a team at any level knows how mentally and physically exhausting it is to game-plan, prepare, and run practice. Not to mention all the yelling and pacing (just me?) you have to do while at the game. To be honest, I come home from work and barely have enough energy to organize dinner. This guy is selling out arenas and coaching THREE different teams! And that’s why he’s The DadLands’ DAD OF THE MONTH!

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