Vincent "Rocco" Vargas

Vincent "Rocco" VargasRocco Vargas (born Vincent Vargas on July 15, 1981), is a U.S. Army veteran, entrepreneur, actor, motivational speaker, and internationally recognized Internet personality. He is best known for Range 15, The Long Way Back (2016), John Came Home, and Dads in Parks (2016), as well as the Drinking Bros Podcast.

For the most part Rocco spends his days taking the kids to school and focusing on trying to raise some solid contributors to society. For now they are busy driving him crazy with 6 different personalities and all kinds of drama...

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Being a dad

As I type this, I can’t help but have an overwhelming sense of regret – and that shitty feeling acts as endless fuel and motivation for me every single day. For many...

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